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Wildflower Meadow Grassland Creation Management

Wildflower meadows have long been popular places for picnics and summer walks, with their colourful flowers providing a natural home for butterflies, bees, grasshoppers and native orchids.

Sadly they are in serious decline, with more than 95% of Britain's traditional wildflower meadows having disappeared. Traditional wildflower meadows can never be exactly recreated, but with patience and long-term commitment, new species-rich meadows can be created to provide a haven for wildlife.

Meadows require continuous careful management to prevent building up of decaying vegitation matter such as bramble, thistles and invasive scrub to take over. Ancient wildflower meadows were traditionally managed by cutting and grazing, and meadow management can be complex.

Creative Nature UK Ltd has the proven results in long and short term management projects, as well as the experience, knowledge and tools
for wildflower meadow creation, including award winning work at our long term contract site Centrica power station in Stallingborough.

Creation and management techniques include vegetation and scrub removal, mosaic mowing practices, top soil stripping, spot spraying, seed broadcasting and in some cases advice on the introduction of livestock.

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