Environmental Contracting

Creative Nature Services

Creating or restoring wildlife habitat? Why not let Creative Nature UK Ltd help you with a full design and implementation service or work to your existing design.

With our environmental contracting experience and extensive knowledge in conservation, we can create or restore:

Aquatic/wetland habitat like ponds, lakes, reed beds, lagoons
Riparian habitats including rivers, streams, watercourses
Wildflower/Grassland habitats such as species-rich neutral, acidic and calcareous grassland, rush pasture and wet grassland communities
Woodland, scrub management and hedgerows
Sand dunes and dune slacks

Experienced in UK and European legislation, we specialise in legally compliant habitat creation and restoration for protected species such as:

• Badgers, bats, water voles, otters, dormice and other UK mammals
• Great crested newts and other UK amphibians
• All UK reptiles
• Barn owls, wildfowl and other UK birds
• Stag beetles, white-clawed crayfish and other terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates

We ensure that your project meets the increasingly exacting standards set by the regulators.

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