Environmental Contracting

Woodland Management, Restoration
& Establishment

Without plant diversity there can be no animal diversity,
since plants form the basis of food chains and provides the architecture and structure of a habitat. And plant diversity
doesn't just happen without careful management.

By planting a variety of native trees in woodland, animal diversity
can be enhanced since these trees support native invertebrate species. Plant diversity within woodlands can be improved by providing varied light levels from deep shade to open glades.

Different plants also provide structural diversity, offering multitudes
of different micro-habitats for other organisms.

Creative Nature UK Ltd can create new bio-diverse woodlands and use conscientious management of existing woodland to its ecological benefit. This includes planting, thinning, spraying and pollarding.

Tree surgery and forestry activities also supply valuable environmentally friendly wood fuel and biomass as part of the process of woodland improvement.

In some cases, the cost of the project can be offset against the volume of the timber biomass removed from the site.

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