Environmental Contracting

Wetland Creation

Britain's wetlands range from areas of bogs, marshes and
fens, to ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Home to an important
and equally diverse range of species, they are in dramatic decline, with more than 50% lost in the last century.

Specialising in freshwater habitats, our wetland habitat construction services cover a broad spectrum of skills. Our projects include everything from creating large scale wetland areas for wintering wildfowl, with diverse features and vegetation types, to a small system of interconnected newt ponds with measures to encourage breeding, reduce avian predation and provide adequate hibernation, foraging and spawning sites.

Creative Nature UK Ltd also has extensive experience in the management and restoration of chalk streams and specialises
in chalk rivers. We provide both short and long term management plans to ensure the success of the wetland created.

Having a broad and in depth understanding of wetland species and their habitat requirements, we are able to offer detailed designs to create the perfect environment. If you already have your own plans drawn up, for a pond liner, clay lined or natural fill, our skilled wetland workforce can see your project through to a successful completion.

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